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The multitude of caravanning vacationers out there must have something right. After all, throngs of new caravan owners join their ranks each year. Before committing to a purchase in your area and Googling "caravans for sale fife" it may be a good idea to consider what makes a caravan holiday so special. What is the key to enjoying what seems to be the ultimate self-catering holiday?

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Recreational Activities on Caravan Holidays

It all boils down to one simple thing there really is so much more freedom on a caravan holiday than there is with any other type of vacation. You choose where you want to go, which spot you would like to stay in, how long you would like to stay for and basically never need to worry about the available amenities. You have everything you could possibly need for a comfortable holiday attached right to your own mode of transport.

All you actually need to do is pick a vacation spot that offers a wide variety of recreational activities for you and your family. Frankly, every camping ground or caravan park offers all you could ever need in a prime holiday spot. From tennis to swimming, from bowls to golf, you are guaranteed to find the ultimate vacation location for you and your family if you are committed to doing a little research.

The Perks of Each Activity

The assumption that golf is a sport for stuffy old men in suits and retirees is completely pass. When on holiday, this is a recreational activity that is perfectly suited to fathers and their sons while the women in the family enjoy some laid-back bonding at the poolside. Of course, this is not to say that girls should be excluded from the sport. Either way, the major benefit of golfing is the fact that families have the chance to spend some quality time chatting and catching up as they walk from one hole to the next.

Mini-golf is another popular option. This is ideal for both young and old family members. This is better suited to people who are not particularly keen on doing too much walking. Mini-golf is the kind of recreational activity that provides a welcome distraction on days where the kids are feeling a little bored but are not inspired to attempt any strenuous activities.

Tennis is an amazing sport for parents and children who prefer a more active approach to their recreational activities. This is a wonderful way to encourage some healthy competition while staying fit and using up any pent up energy. An afternoon spent on the tennis court is best rounded off with a relaxed barbecue back at the caravan or some splashing around in the camp site's pool.

Bowls might seem outdated but when you are on vacation, any group-oriented recreational activity can be fun. This is a lot more relaxed than a game of tennis, but the element of competition is still there. Essentially, any sport that fosters an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment is bound to be perfect. Entertaining the kids really does not need to be a stressful ordeal.

Search for Camping Sites that Offer what you Need

In preparation for your family vacation it may be a good idea to do some research on camping or caravanning sites that offer the kinds of recreational activities you and your families are interested in. Try to find a vacation spot that is close enough to other tourist attractions and activities that provide an often much-needed reprieve from the camping ground atmosphere. All in all, a camping holiday is the perfect way to spend time away from home without the stress of losing out on all of your usual creature comforts.